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Bioevaluation Center

Bio-evaluation Center
Our aim is to establish a collective and specific infrastructure of techniques, facilities, and manpower to support the effective and successful development of biotech products. For this purpose, we have not only constructed developmental and evaluational infrastructure for optimizing, analyzing, and standardizing living modified organisms and drug candidates; but also assessed the usefulness and risks of biotech research and development processes and the biotech products themselves, to facilitate commercialization.
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researcher name and research fields
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Soon-Chun Jeong
/ Associate Director
  • Genetics of Plant Disease Resistance Genes / Molecular
  • Genetic Characterization of LMOs / Soybean Genomics
Chang-Gi Kim
/ Senior Researcher
  • Plant ecology / Environmental risk assessment of LMO
Jung-Ho Park
/ Senior Researcher
  • Protein Engineering / Human risk assessment of LMOs
Ju Seok Lee
/ Senior Researcher
  • Plant Molecular Genetics
In Soon Paek
/ Technician
  • Gene analysis of LMO
research areas
  • Living modified organisms (LMOs)
    • Conducting genetic analysis and assessing the risks of LMOs
  • New drugs
    • Discovery and preclinical evaluation of new drug candidates
  • Living modified organisms
    • We have established and developed infrastructure for genetic analysis and risk assessments of living modified organisms. In particular, we have been assessing the potential risks of domestically developed transgenic rices, chilli peppers, potatoes, poplars and rootstocks for watermelons. We also conduct National Environmental Monitoring on domestic soybeans, corns and oilseed rapes and the inspect the extent of genetic contamination by imported LMOs.
  • Drug discovery
    • We developed and implemented an integrated infrastructure for drug discovery encompassing preclinical efficacy, ADME and toxicity evaluations. We have applied this technology platform to the discovery and preclinical evaluation of drug candidates in the areas of cancer and immune-related diseases and supported drug discovery in the pharmaceutical industry, academia and research institutes.
Selected Publications
  • Soo Jin Oh (Co-corresponding) Chem-Biol Interact. 204(2):80-7.
    • Alterations in hepatic metabolism of sulfur amino acids in non-obese type-2 diabetic Goto-Kakizaki rats
  • Jong Soon Kang (Corresponding) Food Chem Toxicol. 55:353-7.
    • Protective effect of silymarin against ethanol-induced gastritis in rats: Role of sulfhydryls, nitric oxide and gastric sensory afferents
  • Ji Eun Yun (Co-first) Int J Cancer. 133(3):645-53.
    • Downregulation of cell-free miR-198 as a diagnostic biomarker for lung adenocarcinoma-associated malignant pleural effusion
  • Jung Ho Park (First) Proteins-Struct Funct Bioinf. 81(5):874-83.
    • ACA-specific RNA sequence recognition is acquired via the loop 2 region of MazF mRNA interferase
  • Soon Chun Jeong (Corresponding) Theoret Appl Genet. 126(4):1103-19.
    • Dynamic genetic features of chromosomes revealed by comparison of soybean genetic and sequence-based physical maps