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Core Facility Management Center

Core Facility Management Center
Concentration of research equopment for common use and external service foundation expansion and production of bio information using common equipment
  • Planning on the establishment and operation of common equipment
  • Operation and management of concentrated equipment
  • Support for internal and external use of concentrated equipment and training
  • Operation and development of bio equipment experts
  • Operation and development of research equipment maintenance taskforce team
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researchers and research statement
name research fields
Hyun-Woo Oh
/ Associate Director
  • SEM/TEM operation, bio sample structure analysis
Seong Woo Lee
/ Principal Researcher
  • Pharmacy
Dong-Ho Choung
/ Principal Researcher
  • NMR spectroscopy, structural biology, molecular structure analysis
Kab Seog Yoon
/ Principal Researcher
  • Analysis of metabolome, analysis of protein structure and mass of low molecular materials
Kun Hyang Park
/ Principal Technician
  • Operation of the genome sequence decoding equipment