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Biochemicals & Synthetic Biology Research Center

Biochemicals & Synthetic Biology Research Center
Development of diagnosis/sensing devices and synthetic biological tools through the convergence of Bio-Nano-Chemical technologies
  • Development of novel proteins for diagnosis/sensing devices
  • Development of synthetic biology-based genetic circuits for sensing and controlling cellular metabolism
  • Construction of a biofab repository for designing and synthesizing customized proteins
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researchers and research statement
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Seung Goo Lee
/ Associate Director
  • Synthetic biology, protein engineering, biomolecular imaging
Doo-Byoung Oh
/ Principal Researcher
  • Protein therapeutics, Glycan analysis and remodeling
Sung Ho Yoon
/ Principal Researcher
  • Systems Biology, Metabolic engineering, Bioinformatics
Heung Chae Jung
/ Principal Researcher
  • Metabolic/enzyme engineering, Microorganism physiology, Surface protein expression
Dae-Hee Lee
/ Senior Researcher
  • Synthetic Biology, Metabolic engineering, Genome evolution and application
Sang Jick Kim
/ Senior Researcher
  • Phage-antibody library building, Production of protein medicine

Ha Seong Kim/ Senior Researcher
  • Systems biology based genetic circuit design

Soo-jin Yeom/ Senior Researcher
  • Protein/enzyme engineering, Synthetic Biology

Hyewon Lee/ Researcher
  • Bioimaging, Biosensors and Biochips
research areas
  • Systems biology
    • Integrative analysis of mult-omics data and in silico modeling and simulation of biological networks
  • Synthetic Biology
    • Development of high-throughput enzyme screening system based on artificial genetic circuits
    • Development of microbial cell factories implying intelligent control of cellular networks
    • Synthetic biology-based development of high-value natural compounds
  • Novel materials for Bioconvergence
    • Design and synthesis of sensor proteins customized for antibodies (e.g. sugar chain, peptide, toxicity)
    • Development of novel bioconvergence proteins of diagnosis and sensing through artificial evolution of enzymes
  • Comprehensive understanding of whole-system of industrial microbes through integrative analyses of genome, transcriptome, proteome, phenome, and metablic/transcriptional networks
    • Understanding of genome evolution and adaptation in a long-term experiment with Escherichia coli
    • Development of microbial cell factories and analyses of signal transduction networks
  • Development of platform technologies of intelligent genetic circuits and bioconvergence
    • Development of GESS(Genetic Enzyme Screening System) sensing a trace of enzyme activity from single cell/colony
    • GESS-based high-throughput screening and artificial protein evolution of cellulase, lipase, amidase, etc
    • Characterization of biosynthetic pathways of novel enzymes for the production of pharmaceuticals, natural compounds, and chemicals
  • Development of novel proteins for diagnosis/sensing devices
    • Development of specific binding proteins for cytokine and chemicals through high-throughput screening of biomolecular interactions and its biosensor application
    • Development of fluorescent probes for detection of fucosylated N-glycans
    • Development of high sensitive FRET molecular sensor