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Immunotherapy Convergence Research Center

Immunotherapy Convergence Research Group
Developing original technology for customized converged cell treatment and commercialization by establishing cell therapy system that combines gene immune cell treatment, antibody convergence treatment, anticancer agent convergence treatment using stem cell to treat incurable cancer
researchers and research statement
Name Research Fields
Inpyo Choi
(Associate Director)
  • Differentiation of NK cells from hematopoietic stem cells
  • Anti-tumor NK cell therapy based on NK differentiation
Semi Kim
  • Mechanism of cancer development and metastasis
  • Functional validation of novel therapeutic targets and development of molecular targeted therapy
Tae-Don Kim
  • Role of RNA in immune cell biology
  • Development of CAR-NK cell therapy
Suk Ran Yoon
  • NK cell therapy, Regulation of NK cell differentiation
  • Role of NK cells in reproduction
Hee Gu Lee
  • Functional studies of target molecules in cancer cell
Yee Sook Cho
  • Pluripotency, reprogramming, differentiation, disease modeling
Mi-Ok Lee
  • Differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells
  • Disease modeling with hPSCs and genome editing technique
Seon-Jin Lee
  • The regulatory and functional study of autophagy and disease-related genes
Su Ui Lee
  • Modulation of inflammatory responses
Jungwoon Lee
  • Molecular mechanisms of induced pluripotency
  • Disease modeling using patient-derived iPSCs
Haiyoung Jung
  • Fate decision of hematopoietic stem cells
Hee Jun Cho
  • Cancer progression and chemoresistance
Jiyoon Noh
  • NK cell migration and mechanism of anti-tumor targeting
Kwan Soo Hong
  • To investigate in vivo homing behavior of transplanted NK cells and anti-tumor efficacy for NK cell therapy, by using in vivo imaging technologies
Chang Hoon Lee
  • Development of Cancer immunotherapy drug
research areas
  • Development of HSC based gene NK cell therapy (PL1,2)
    • Clinical research on converged NK cell therapy
    • Development of CAR-NK cell therapy
    • Verification of effects of single cel imaging based immune cell
    • Development of 3 dimensional culture technology of immune cell based on injection type nano hydrogel compound<
  • Development of customized NK cell therapy using anticancer agent (PL3)
    • Development of anticancer agent that increases the sensitivity of cancer cell to NK cell attack
    • Development of anticancer agent with improved function based on stem cell origin NK cell
    • Development of technology that optimizes the mix therapy with NK cell therapy through liver cancer customized preclinical test
  • Assessment of anti-tumor efficacy for NK cell therapy by using in vivo imaging technologies
    • Investigation of in vivo homing behavior of transplanted NK cells for tumor therapy
    • Assessing anti-tumor efficacy using in vivo MR/NIR imaging technologies for NK, NK-chemical, and NK-antibody therapies)
  • Expected products/service
    • Providing cell therapy and treatment technology to treat incurable cancer which gives hope to patients with incurable cancers
    • Securing cell therapy library using stem cell
  • Beneficiary
    • Demand for technology - domestic large hospital, pharmaceutical companies, domestic bio venture companies, overseas pharmaceutical companies
    • Final beneficiary
      • Incurable cancer patients, who have no treatment or therapy as of now
      • Cancer patients who have not responded to existing therapy
      • Cancer patients who experience recurrence of cancer even though they received existing therapy