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BioTechnology Process Engineering Center

Technology Transfer Center
Technology Transfer Center
Name Responsibilities
Hong-Weon Lee
(Associate Director)
  • Coordination of all work in Technology Transfer Center
Myung-Hoon Na
  • Coordination of works related to technology transfer
  • Spread of performance, coordination of budget, human resources/ management of internal and external projects
  • External affairs and coordination of center performance
  • Coordination of technology commercialization committee (sub-committee)
  • Coordination of IP work support
IP Management Sangjoon Kim
  • Management of papers/research notes
  • Information editing and management of public records
Jeong Hyun Choi
  • Creation/utilization and supporting for IP
  • Coordination of the support for IPR review subcommittee
  • Support for technology value evaluation (evaluation on the rightfulness)
Jin Ho Oh
  • Support for patent DB management update and statistics
  • Registration year management/program registration support
  • Support for the system that links to external patent office (EPCS)
  • Support for the operation of IPR review subcommittee
  • Support for the handling of patent cost
Hyung-Cheol Kim
  • Establishment of performance utilization strategy/policy
  • Securing client company and analysis on demand for the technology
  • Domestic and overseas technology marketing and technology transfer
  • Post management of technology transfer
  • Planning training of professionals in bio specific financial investment
Seung Hyun Park
  • Support for the operation of technology transfer post management
  • Technology transfer DB management, update and statistics management
  • Support for domestic and overseas technology marketing
  • Support for administrative works related to technology transfer
Ga-Eui Kang
  • Works related to technology value evaluation
  • Works related to start-up (research company)
  • Korea US BT creative economy leader development project
  • Bio specific financial investment professional development project