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Aging Research Center

Aging Research Center
Identification of senile disease control factor and development of control technology
  • Identification of new aging gene and understanding the mechanism
  • Development of original technology related to aging diagnosis and control
researchers and research statement
Name Research Fields
Ki Sun Kwon
(Associate Director)
  • Systems biology of sarcopenia and age-related diseases
  • Signal transduction related to muscle aging
Yong-Kook Kang
  • Epigenetic mechanism of muscle aging
Sung Sup Park
  • Understanding the pathogenesis of muscle dysfunction
  • Molecular mechanisms in neuronal cell death
Eun-Soo Kwon
  • Molecular biology and genome-wide studies on aging and aging-related diseases using Caenorhabditis elegans
  • Inter-species regulation of longevity by gut microbe
Seok Ho Kim
  • Research on the aging of muscles and immunity
  • Molecular mechanism of age associated Tendinosis (rotator cuff tear)
Kwang Pyo Lee
  • Molecular mechanisms of myoblast (satellite cell) differentiation, dysfunction and diseases (aging and sarcopenia)
Young Kyo Seo
  • Regulation of age-dependent inflammation in muscles
  • Energy metabolism in muscle aging
Yong Ryoul Yang
  • Age-related diseases in mouse models
Jung Sun Park
  • Production of transgenic animal models related to aging
research areas
  • Research on signal transduction mechanism that regulates aging of cells
  • Research on the development of original technology that controls senile chronic diseases
  • Research on the function of aging gene utilizing caenorhabditis elegan and mouse model
  • Development of medicine and biologics to control aging functions
  • Analysis on the genome and proteome that show changes of expression related to aging in human muscles development of technology to restore reduced differentiation ability of muscle stem cell
  • Widespread anti-aging mechanism analysis using caenorhabditis elegans as animal model for aging
  • Development of medicine that controls aging of muscle (Patent registration and clinical research are underway)