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Biotherapeutics Translational Research Center

Biotherapeutics Translational Research Center
Development of bio new drug platform technology for target therapy of rare diseases
  • Identification of target based on multi-function antibody library and development of control technology
  • Development of gene control technology for the development of gene therapy
researchers and research statement
Name Research Fields
Jeong Ki Min
(Associate Director)
  • Translational research for treatment of vascular related diseases & cancer
  • Studies on vascular development & inflammation, new anticancer drug targets, and stem cell differentiation
Dong Uk Kim
  • Systematic analysis of the cellular targets of bioactive molecules using the fission yeast genome-wide gene-deletion collection
  • Studies on the cell biology underpinning proteinmisfolding diseases using fission yeast as a model system
  • Research on degenerative brain disease using a yeast model
  • Development of anti-cancer drugs based on synthetic lethality
Young Il Yeom
  • Identification of cancer therapeutic targets
Jeong Woong Lee
  • Production of cloned pig
  • Functional study of animal disease models
Dong Chul Lee
  • Identification of cancer therapeutic targets
  • Functional study of disease-related biomarkers
Yeon-Gu Kim
  • Development of high therapeutic protein-producing mammalian cells
  • Process development for therapeutic protein production in mammalian cells
Jong Gil Park
  • Validation of therapeutic targets for cardiovascular diseases
  • Regulation of metabolic disorders
Sang-Hyun Lee
  • Validation and control technology of therapeutic targets by multifunctional protein antibody library based
  • Translational research for development of cancer control technology
  • To understand the role of microglia chemotaxis and activation in neuroinflammation
Jangwook Lee
  • Development and application of therapeutic biomacromolecules-on-demand for patients
  • Targeted macromolecule delivery system for disease theragnosis(diagnosis and therapy)
Tae Su Han
  • Identification and functional study of non-coding RNAs in cancer
research areas
  • Identification of target that adjusts cancer/agiogenesis and blood vessel inflammation and development of control technology
    • Identification of target based on multi-function antibody library system and development of antibody
    • Regulating endothelium differentiation based on stem cell
  • Finding out the resistance to drug and metastasis regulation and development of control technology
    • Development of a new drug through translational research between basic-clinical research
  • Development of treatment targeting cancer specific cell metabolism-signal and development of application technology
    • Role of cancer cell metabolome lactic acid and research on mechanism
    • Research on therapeutic technology through controlling of lactic acid signaling system
  • Identification of gene related to the production of immunodeficient pig
    • Research on the mechanism of factors that cause immune rejection response
  • Production of animal of diseases and functional research
    • Production of gene deficient and mutated animals using gene editing system
    • Research on the molecular biological and physiological functions using animal model
  • Providing cancer/blood vessel treatment technology through finding out the function of new protein that regulates agiogenesis and functions
    • Technology that activates/controls agiogenesis based on antibody
    • Cell treatment technology by establishing endothelium differentiation regulation platform
  • Identification of phosphatase enzyme that regulates blood vessel inflammation/permeability and finding out mechanism for new inflammation regulation
  • Finding out the new function of lactic acid of cell metabolome related to causing diseases
    • Finding out the new signaling mechanism of hypoxia causing disease and physiological and pathological roles
    • Finding out the major factors that regulate the function of lactic acid, which is cancer specific metabolic product
  • Finding out the factors that regulate resistance to drug and metastasis, development of control technology and establishment of basic-clinical translational research
  • Production of pig T-cell, B-cell immune deficient cell line
  • Establishment of the genetically modified cell line for the production of mini cloned pig for heterograft transplant