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Cell Factory Research Center

Cell Factory Research Center
The final objective is to develop cell factory that produce industrial materials with high efficiency and industrialization and based on microalgae and yeast, 1) development of microorganism cell factory through metabolic route redesigning, 2) establishment of highly efficient production system, 3) verification of in vitro, in vivo based cell activation and usability, 4) expansion of industrial ecosystem through the establishment of industrial base
researchers and research statement
Name Research Fields
Hee-Sik Kim
(Associate Director)
  • Algal biology, metabolism and ecology
  • Research on microalgal biofuels and other bioproducts
  • Algal-bacterial interactions and their impending applications
Jung-Hoon Sohn
  • Yeast secretory production of recombinant proteins
  • Yeast-based platform technology for bioenergy and biochemicals
  • Lipase engineering for eco-friendly production of biodiesel
Jae-Wha Kim
  • Establishment of external factors that are involved in bio regulation and immunity activation related to disease and securing candidate materials
Chi-Yong Ahn
  • Ecophysiology of microalgae and cyanobacteria (control of algal bloom)
  • Optimization of mass cultivation of microalgae using wastewater
Hee-Mock Oh
  • Ecophysiological, genomic research of microalgae and cyanobacteria for cyanobacterial bloom control and algal biofuel production
Jeong-Woo Seo
  • Development of useful bio materials based on sea algae microorganism
Bong Hyun Sung
  • Microbial genome engineering, enzyme engineering and artificial photosynthesis
Hyung Gwan Lee
  • Microbial taxonomy and genetic engineering of microalgae
  • Omics studies for phylogenetic identification and adaptive evolution of microalgae and bacteria
Yong Jae Lee
  • Protein engineering and recombinant protein expression in microorganisms
  • Genetic engineering and directed evolution of microorganisms
Jung Hoon Bae
  • Yeast metabolic engineering
  • Recombinant protein production
research areas
  • Development of microalgae cell factory to produce photo aging control materials
  • Development of yeast cell factory to produce eco-friendly bio materials
  • Establishment of high-efficient production system for yeast and micro algae based bio materials
  • Analysis on the effectiveness and value of bio activity of bio materials
  • Establishment of the industrial foundation for bio materials for improvement and treatment of skin aging
  • Research on the controlling and monitoring of algal bloom
  • Production of yeast based recombined protein and application in industry
  • Industrialization of yeast originated glycolipid
    • Successfully industrializing bio natural emulgens and cosmetics materials through development of MEL: mannosylerythritol lipid biologically synthesized by Pseudozyma sp. and establishment of mass production of fermentation
  • Development of yeast recombined protein customized production technology (TFP technology)
    • Development and industrialization of high secretion of medicinal protein and industrial enzyme using GRAS yeast Saccharomyces cervisiae
  • Development of bio catalyst based eco-friendly bio diesel production technology
    • Development of bio diesel production technology utilizing low quality waste oil based on bio catalyst lipase and transfer of technology
  • Development of bio diesel production micro algae and optimized culture technology
    • Exploring high lipide algae based on physiology and ecology and designing optimized culture to secure micro algae biomass and development of molecular biological improvement technology based on omics.
  • Development of eco-friendly algal bloom and molecular monitoring technology
    • Development of technology that controls algal bloom eco friendly deterring mass expansion of cyanobacteria using ecological structure and function in water ecosystem and development of molecular monitoring technology based on molecular characteristics of cyanobacteria that causes algal bloom