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Molecular Biofarming Research Center

Molecular Biofarming Research Center
  • In-Plant cell biotechnology for invaluable bio-pharmaceuticals and bio-materials
  • System development of plant-made Biomaterials production
researchers and research statement
Name Research Fields
Hyun Soon Kim
/ Associate Director
  • Research on the utilization of original technology to improve the efficiency of plant based useful material production (molecular farming)
Suk Yoon Kwon
/ Principal Researcher
  • Analysis on the function of plant genome and gene function
  • Development of technology for high expression of useful genes based on bioinformatics
Jae Sun Moon
/ Principal Researcher
  • Development of multiple oligo DNA chip for diagnosis of pathogen
  • Development of virus induced gene silencing vector for wide use for the research on plant gene function
  • Development of new system for medicine material production utilizing plant virus
Jeong Mee Park
/ Principal Researcher
  • Interaction between plant and microorganism
  • Plant molecular immunity
Hye Sun Cho
/ Principal Researcher
  • Redesigning of function for plant molecule breeding
  • Identification and utilization of gene that improves plant productivity
  • Mechanism of protein structural change control
Won Joong Jeong
/ Principal Researcher
  • Development of technology that redesigns the metabolism of microalgae and macroalgae
  • Development of technology that controls the chloroplast gene expression
Jae Heung Jeon
/ Principal Researcher
  • Basic research for the system development and establishment of production system for excellent seed
  • Development of transformed plant to improve the characteristics of farming
research areas
  • Research on the redesigning of plant cell to improve plant expression system
  • Research on the structure and function of plant genome and evolved genome
  • Research on the redesigning of algae function genome and metabolism
  • Analysis on the major plant virus gene structure and research on utilization
  • Research on the interaction between plant and microorganism and research on utilization technology
  • Expression of plant based useful recombined protein and establishment of production foundation
  • Research on protein stabilization and regulation mechanism after translation
  • Establishment of system for plant based bio medicine material production
    • Production of new virus vector to produce plant-based useful protein or materials
  • Development of virus induced gene silencing vector for plant gene function research
    • Production of wide use vector for gene function research for solanaceae, cucurbitaceae, brassicaceae and leguminosae crops
  • Finding out the precise regulation mechanism of protein structural regulating gene group in a cell
    • Establishment of classification of monocotyledon crops of immunophilin gene that is involved in post-translational regulation mechanism for the first time and finding out the target protein structure stabilization function by environmental change
  • Domestic and overseas cooperative research to analyze solanaceae genome
    • Researchers participated in international consortium to decode solanaceae plant (tomato) genome which started in 2004 and announced the tomato genome in Nature in 2012 and in 2014, only Korean team analyzed pepper genome and published paper in Nature Genetics
  • Development of platform technology for functional genome research
    • The virus induced gene silencing technology, developed for large scale screening of gene, is currently used to screen solanaceae plants including Nicotiana benthamiana, pepper and tomato.
  • Finding out the mechanism of apoptosis of plant related to resistance to diseases
    • The gene related to suicide mechanism of plant against the invasion of virus and bacteria was identified using virus induced gene silencing technology and research on the function of resistance to disease was conducted.
  • Establishment of production base for recombined protein and useful material through plant cell culture
    • The system to produce excellent recombined protein from industrial and medical perspective in plant cell with high expression level was established and the foundation for the production of plant resources which were found to have efficacy as natural medicine material, has been laid out for stable and sustainable production
Outstanding Papers
  • Hye Sun Cho (Co-corresponding) Plant, Cell & Environment 38(10):2071-2087
    • Rice cyclophilin OsCYP18-2 is translocated to the nucleus by an interaction with SKIP and enhances drought tolerance in rice and Arabidopsis
  • Won Joong Jeong (Corresponding) Front Microbiol 6:66
    • Threonine 286 of fatty acid desaturase 7 is essential for ω-3 fatty acid desaturation in the green microalga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
  • Jae Heung Jeon and Hyun Soon Kim (Co-corresponding) Plant Cell Tiss Org Cult 120(1):57-68
    • The laccase promoter of potato confers strong tuber-specific expression in transgenic plants