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Title The 3rd AMMRA Meeting Hosted by KRIBB mail
Date Nov 18, 2008

KRIBB’s Bio-evaluation Center held the meeting of the Asia Mouse Mutagenesis and Resource Association (AMMRA) in the Grand Auditorium of the KRIBB from October 23rd ~24th.

About 30 experts in experimental animal resources at home and abroad including Germany, Japan, China and so forth joined this meeting. In this meeting, Dr. Wolfgang Wurst from the Institute of Developmental Genetics gave a proposal speech on ‘The Progress of the International Consortium for Mouse Mutagenesis’, and other speeches on recent research trends regarding transgenic mouse development were presented, including ‘Perspectives and trends on ENU mouse mutagenesis research’ by Dr. Yuichi Gondo from RIKEN.

Currently more than 2,500 lines of transgenic mouse lines, i.e. mice used in experiments to analyze genome functions, are available around the world.

Dr. Kim Hwan-mook, the director of the Bio-evaluation Center at KRIBB, said “We expect to be able to raise KRIBB’s profile as an infrastructure for experimental animal resources by holding this meeting. In addition, we are planning to establish a collaboration network to enable our scientists to utilize the mouse resources developed by other Asian countries.”