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Natural Medicine Research Center

Natural Medicine Research Center
Development of original materials and technology for natural medicine
  • Development of natural medicine material for chronic inflammation based incurable diseases (asthma,COPD, etc.)
  • Development of new natural materials for anti obesity and anti diabetese
  • Establishment of library for plant resources and natural materials
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researchers and research statement
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Sei-Ryang Oh
/ Associate Director
  • Separation of biologically active materials from natural resources and structural analysis
  • Evaluation on the herbal resources using natural metabolome and identification of marker
Hyeong-Kyu Lee
/ Principal Researcher
  • Development and evaluation of biologically active natural product related to natural product chemistry-immune diseases
  • Establishment of library for natural products
Hyun Sun Lee
/ Principal Researcher
  • Separation and functional analysis of natural product chemistry-natural products
  • Development of natural product medicine for metabolic diseases
Kyung Seop Ahn
/ Principal Researcher
  • Evaluation on the effects of natural products on chronic diseases
  • Identification of new biomarker for asthma/COPD
Hyun-Jun Lee
/ Principal Researcher
  • Research on inflammation regulation by immune system and development of new drug target
  • Research on the mechanism of asthma/COPD
Jong-Pyung Kim
/ Principal Researcher
  • Development of natural product chemistry-natural product material
  • Materials for oxidant stress and antioxidant, functional cosmetics
Dur Han Kwon
/ Senior Researcher
  • Evaluation on the antiviral activity of natural products (in vitro/in vivo)
  • Development of active material for various viral diseases
Mun-Ock Kim
/ Senior Researcher
  • Molecular biology
  • Search activity at the cell level and analysis on mechanism
Hyung Won Ryu
/ Researcher
  • Separation of natural product chemistry-natural product/structural analysis
  • Standardization of indicator ingredients and qualitative and quantitative analysis
Ok-Kyoung Kwon
/ Principal Technician
  • Evaluation on the effect of natural products on inflammation and asthma
Doo-Young Kim
/ Principal Technician
  • Mass/pure separation of plant resource extraction and active ingredients
Jung Hee Kim
/ Principal Technician
  • Extraction of plant resources and manufacturing of library
research areas
  • Establishment of plant extracts library for domestic and overseas plant resources
  • Development of natural products for treating chronic inflammation (asthma/COPD, atopy, etc.)
  • Development of natural products for treating metabolic diseases (obesity, diabetese)
  • Development of asthma/COPD biomarker based on functional genomics and proteomics
  • Identification of country of origin of medicinal resources using natural product metabolome and standardization
Outstanding Papers
  • Sei-Ryang Oh (Corresponding) J. Ethnopharmacol. (2015) 170: 20-27.
    • Piscroside C, a novel iridoid glycoside isolated from Pseudolysimachion rotundum var. subintegrum suppresses airway inflammation induced by cigarette smoke.
  • Kyung Seop Ahn (Corresponding) J. Pineal Res. (2015) 58: 50-60.
    • Melatonin attenuates neutrophil inflammation and mucus secretion in cigarette smoke-induced chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases via the suppression of Erk-Spi signaling.
  • Hyeong-Kyu Lee (Corresponding) Arch. Pharm. Res. (2015) 38:406-411
    • Triterpene glycosides with stimulatory activity on melanogenesis from the aerial parts of Weigela subnsessilis.
  • Hyun Sun Lee (Corresponding) Planta Med. (2015) 81:228-234.
    • Oleanane-type tritepenoids of Aceriphyllum rossii and their diacyglycerol acyltransferase-inhibitory activity