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Super-Bacteria Research Center

Super-Bacteria Research Center
Diagnosis and control of antibiotic-resistant superbacteria
  • Development of biocontent for diagnosing/sensing human infectious diseases and Study on biological verification
  • Studies on host-microbe interaction and mechanism of antibiotic resistance development
  • Discovery of natural antimicrobials, investigation on new targets, and development of multiple-target antibiotics
researchers and research statement
Name Research Fields
Choong-Min Ryu
/ Associate Director
  • Bacteria-bacteria communication, Bacteria-plant interactions, plant immunity
Jae Gu Pan
/ Principal Researcher
  • Microbial physiology and bioprocesses, multiple target antibiotics and antimicrobial enzyme
Won-Gon Kim
/ Principal Researcher
  • Discovery of natural antibacterials for super-bacteria treatment / synthetic biology of new antibacterials derived from antinomyces
Seung-Hwan Park
/ Principal Researcher
  • Functional genomics of Bacillus, NRPS lipopeptide antibiotics, Bacillus cell factory based on synthetic biology
Soo-Keun Choi
/ Principal Researcher
  • Bacillus genetics and Bacillus cell factory
Haeyoung Jeong
/ Principal Researcher
  • Analysis of microbial genome structure
research areas
  • Analysis and reengineering of bacterial genome for improved antibiotics production and Bacillus bacterial factory
  • Discovery of a multidrug resistance-modifying mechanism by small RNA
  • Discovery of natural antimicrobials and identification of antibiotic targets using a genomic library
  • Bacteria display of enzymes and vaccines
  • Bacteria-host interaction
  • Probiotic Paenibacillus- Analysis of ita genome and interaction with plants
    • Understanding the characteristics of Paenibacillus strains and mechanism of plant growth promotion and resistance development
  • Discovery of NRP gene cluster from Paenibacillus polymyxa
    • Discovery of biosynthesis gene clusters of polymyxin, fusaricidin, and tridecaptin based on the genome information, their expression regulation, and generation of new antimicrobial metabolites
  • Discovery of novel antimicrobials with new mode-of-action
    • Development of new natural antimicrobials from antinomyces, fungi and plants
    • Investigation of multiple-target antibiotic mechanisms and discovery of new concept antibiotic targets
  • Discovery of new multiple drug resistance mechanisms based on small RNA
    • An activity monitoring system of the sRNA library and analysis of their functions in antibiotic resistance development
  • Roles of volatile organic compounds in bacteria communication
    • Systematic understanding of bacterial interaction by volatile organic compounds in antibiotic resistance development
  • Spore display system for enzymes and vaccines
    • Development of a new display system for enzymes and antigens on the surface of Bacillus spores
  • Bacteria acetylproteomes
    • Systematic identification and understanding of post-translationally acetylated proteins in bacteria